Gera McGuire, MA, NCC, LMHC
Gera McGuire, MA, NCC, LMHC

Counseling Options

My number one priority is to bring happiness and well-being to my clients' lives by helping them achieve a sense of wellness and balance. Clients partner with me to develop their individualized treatment goals and set up ways to monitor their progress. I use an educational, collaborative approach so that you can continue to maintain wellness with a less intense form of intervention after you complete treatment. Building on your strengths and resources, it is my hope to help you enhance your abilities to cope with life's challenges.


There are many ways to approach therapy and so I've diversified my practice to provide options for services.  Below are the different formats of counseling that I provide.

Individual Therapy

Individuals receive one-on-one consultation in a safe and open setting. Treatment plans are individualized to address your specific goals.  Weekly individual therapy sessions generally last 50 minutes.  I primarily use cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness in conjuction with structural family therapy.  "Homework assignments" and "experiements" are typically used to practice and reinforce the concepts we discuss in treatment. 

Couples and Family Counseling

Structural Family Therapy (SFT) aims to identify and disrupt problematic family dynamics, restructure and strengthen relationships among family members and stabilize the family in healthier patterns.  Together, we look at influences on the family system from the extended family, community and social institutions.  SFT challenges people to make changes and try new ways of interacting.  "Homework assignments" are involved but I don't keep a gradebook.  This type of therapy is dynamic and not the typical sit on the couch and talk kind of session. 


I take a multidisciplinary team approach as well, working with your doctor, school, church and other supports to help you build your strengths and develop a supportive network around you.  I find that this provides stability and reduces the need for further intensive interventions.

Parenting Coaching and Therapy

Kids do not come with a manual.  Parenting is challenging.  Some circumstances and conditions add more layers of complexity to this already challenging responsibilty - such as blended family issues, special needs, cultural differences and foster-adoption dynamics.  I work with caregivers to address parenting, bonding and attachment, boundary setting and blended/separated family dynamics. 

Group Therapy

Therapist-led group therapy is useful both as a supplement to and sometimes as an alternative to individual therapy. It provides real-life feedback and interaction among other clients who share similar challenges.  Therapy groups are not the same as support groups which, although valuable, are less intensive and less individualized.


For a list of current groups, please click here.

Approved Supervisor for Licensed Mental Health Counselors in Washington State

Gera meets all the requirements in connection with WAC 246-809-234 which enables her to provide license candidates with required supervision.  Supervision includes education about counseling techniques, establishing a practice, record keeping, financial management, ethics and education on mental health topics.  To inquire about availability, please contact her office at 360-469-4179.

Notice of Information Privacy Practices

The law protects the privacy of all communication between a client and a therapist.  The Privacy Rule, a Federal law, gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information. The Privacy Rule applies to all forms of individuals' protected health information, whether electronic, written, or oral. The Security Rule is a Federal law that requires security for health information in electronic form.   Click Here for Full Notice 

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Client Forms

New client? Please complete the inital paperwork prior to your first visit. New client forms are available as PDF downloads on this here.

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