Gera McGuire, MA, NCC, LMHC
Gera McGuire, MA, NCC, LMHC

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of therapy?

People seek out therapy for a variety of reasons including support, relief, learning
new strategies for coping, problem solving, improving relationships and coping with
issues such as grief, stress, anger, anxiety, depression, parenting matters and
unresolved childhood trauma. Therapists attempt to provide feedback and new perspectives to help clients look at matters in new ways. Therapy is a place
to explore new patterns of behavior with someone to help you keep accountable with
your goals. You can learn new coping skills, improve your ability to communicate your needs and listen well to others, get a better handle on managing your emotions, explore new ways to address family problems and marital concerns, boost your self-confidence and address low self-esteem, etc. You and I will talk about the benefits you wish to receive from therapy and find a path to accomplish that.


Is therapy really necessary? Shouldn’t I be strong enough to fix things on my own?

The goal of therapy is to help you get to a stable point where you can maintain on
your own. Some challenges in life are ones that people are able to negotiate well independently. Other matters may need some assistance in order to achieve permanent, healthy change.  Everyone has limitations and blind spots and therapy aims to expand yourpersonal tool box, help you find coping strategies that work well and illuminate patterns of behavior and thinking that hold you back from living


I’ve never been to therapy before. Do I sit on a couch and you ask me about my mother?

Media has a fun time taking a poke at counseling. I do not use a Freudian couch.

Therapy involves discovering an individual’s goals and relevant personal history and
information. I tend to use manyinterventions including talk therapy, behavior practice, creative therapy, movie therapy, education and dynamic enactments. Therapy can be short term or long term depending on what concerns you wish to address. 
Typically people meet weekly for 6-24 sessions depending upon the nature
of their treatment. The more a person works on their therapeutic goals, the greater the impact they will see counseling have upon their lives. I see it as a collaborative effort between client and therapist. Therapists can assign between-session homework such as trying out a new behavior, coping skill or doing some journaling. Together you, the client, and I monitor your progress and adjust your goals accordingly.


How do you know when you’ve completed therapy?

The client-counselor relationship is a partnership.  You establish your goals with my feedback and input and together we determine when you’re satisfied with your progress. Some people have a specific budget in mind that they work with, some have specific goals in mind to accomplish. Others find it helpful to have a monthly “touch
base” type of support until they do not sense the need for such support and have built in natural ways of finding it outside a professional setting.


I have a lot of very personal things I’m not sure I want to discuss.   Is counseling truly confidential?

Good question. Everyone needs to feel that counseling is a safe, confidential service. A counselor’s trust is earned and this dynamic grows over time at your comfort
level. Most of what you say stays between you and I except for what you allow me to disclose and what is required by law. I follow the guidelines of the American Counseling Association and Washington State Law regarding confidentiality and mandated reporting. Please see my Privacy Policy for specific details. 


My child wants to see you for counseling. What will you talk about?

Every state has laws pertaining to age of consent for minors and their rights to
confidentiality. In Washington State, minors may receive outpatient mental health treatment if they are 13 years of age or older without the consent of a parent or guardian. The parents will not be notified without minor consent. See RCW 71.34.530. Minors 13 years of age or older may receive inpatient mental health treatment without parental consent, however, the parents must be notified. RCW 71.34.500. To read the actual Revised Code of Washington, go to


How do I know if my child could benefit from your early childhood consultation service?

Some children have difficulties adjusting to the norms of classroom and day care environments for various reasons.  If you think your child's behavior may be getting in the way of their care or if the staff have contacted you regarding their concerns about your child, this may be an avenue to pursue.  Prior to any consultation, you and I will sit down and discuss your concerns and my scope of practice prior to an agreement for services.  Permission from the school, day care or facility is needed in order to utilize this service.


Are you available for presentations to teachers or day care staff?

Yes.  Please contact me to discuss your training topic of interest.  I am also able to conduct presentations for school children as well.


Do you take health insurance?

I take a limited amount of insurances and for others am an out-of-network provider in which case I bill cilents directly for my services and they are able to seek reimbursement through their insurance carriers.  I encourage clients to contact their carrier first to find out how to negotiate this.  I will provide you with an invoice that includes a diagnosis, the requirement needed for your claim.   Some clients do not wish to have a diagnosis as this may increase their health care premiums and therefore do not want to use their health insurance benefits towards counseling services.  If you want to talk to me about this further, do not hesitate to call.


I am currently a network provider for:

  • Lifewise Health Plan of Washington
  • Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington
  • Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • First Choice Health and First Choice EAP
  • Wellspring EAP
  • Muckleshoot Tribe contracted provider

I am considered an out of netowork provider for some other insurance companies.  Please consult member services about your deductible and benefits as they may reimburse you a great percentage of your costs.


I am not a provider for Medicare/Medicaid or Washington State health insurance (Coordinated Care/Apple Health).



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Client Forms

New client? Please complete the inital paperwork prior to your first visit. New client forms are available as PDF downloads on this here.

Learn your rights under HIPAA and how your personal health information may be used or shared by health professionals.

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